Promoting Communication Between School and Home

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Set up a Consistent Form of Communication

  • Send out a poll to parents to get feedback about communication preferences (i.e., email, phone, text, Zoom, etc.)
  • Utilize existing communication platforms such as Class DoJo or newsletters
  • Use a web-based platform such as that allows teachers to text parents without using personal phone numbers
  • Use a Google number or dial *67 with the area code to keep numbers private (it will show up as “unknown” or “private” number)

Establish a Communication Schedule

  • Determine how often communication with parents will occur. Daily? Weekly?
  • Ask parents for feedback about frequency of communication Notify parents when to expect communication to occur
  • If using web-based applications such as Zoom, send calendar invites to parents

Establish Office Hours

  • Set consistent days/times when you will be available if parents want to chat
  • Office hours can be done via Zoom (or other video-based platforms) or phone
  • Have parents choose a time slot using a Google form Provide guidance for parents how to best use this time (i.e., ask about child’s progress, strategies to try at home)

Share Tips for Increasing Student Engagement

  • Share idea of activities to do at home
  • Share strategies to promote student engagement and independence
  • Send out 1-2 strategies per week
  • Try recording short videos explaining how to use the different strategies

[May 2020]